Thursday, June 8, 2017

29/May/2017 - Memorial Day

Today was Memorial Day, and you could do worse than read an article I wrote about Memorial Day a few years ago.  (You could probably do better too, but that's up to you.)

Dodong is ill!  Here you can see just how tired the little guy, by how he positions himself on the mattress:

Dodong sleeping whilst falling off the bed

He has all these small dots all over his body.  It appears the poor guy has a case of the Chicken Pox!

Dodong's spots

Sweetie has been letting her hair grow, and now it is very long indeed.  Grumps thinks it is very sexy, but it is a nuisance for her, so she will be cutting it soon.  Pity!

Sweetie's long, wavy hair


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