Wednesday, June 28, 2017

15/June/2017 - Another Workday

So it was another workday for us, which meant that Grump was exiled in Columbus, Ga, half-way across the state from the rest of the family.  But we made the best of it.  (What other choice did we have?)

Grump being silly at work

Sweetie being sweet at home

It was just another normal, non-eventful day for us when ...... OMG!  WHAT'S THAT IN THE BACK SEAT OF SWEETIE'S CAR??


No .... don't panic!  It wasn't a Zombie.  It was simply Kuya coming back from camp.  (By the way, he's supposed to be Jack Skellington, NOT a zombie.)

For dinner Sweetie made Dodong and Kuya some chicken nuggets, in the style of chick-fil-a.  They were super-duper yummy!

Check out Sweetie's Chicken Nugget

The bad news of the day was that the birds finally discovered our fig trees.  The little pests just take a bite out of a ripe fig, as the picture below shows.

A bird-damaged fig


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