Thursday, June 8, 2017

30/May/2017 - Virtual Monday

Today was a "virtual Monday", since Old Grump had to go back to work.  Phooey!

Since Sweetie is now back home, he got to eat a "proper" oatmeal and chia seed breakfast again:

Grump's Breakfast

She also brought him back, (from the Philippines, in case you don't remember), some interesting herbal tea:

I believe that "Ampalaya" is sour sop.

After work, Grump went walking and sent Sweetie these pics of a nice lantana plant growing in Venerable Watson's apartment complex.  Sweetie says the folks back home just can't believe that people here in the USA grow these things as ornamentals, because they are noxious weeds in Mindanao, Philippines.

"Noxious Weed"?


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