Thursday, June 29, 2017

17/June/2017 - Bouncing!

Today we celebrated Miss M's birthday by ..... bouncing!

But first, Dodong had to prepare himself by doing ...... well, I'm not sure what he was doing, but it sure took some concentration.

In then afternoon, we went to the "bouncing arena" for Miss M's birthday party.  (Miss M. is the little girl in the middle with the blue shirt on.)

Miss M., Kuya, and friends

Soon all the preliminaries were over, and the bouncing began!

Grump demonstrating his lack of balance

Dodong, Kuya, and Grump

Jump Kuya!


Sweetie and Lola were very happy to just sit and watch

Fat Man Flying

Jump Kuya!

Dodong jumping

Ain't gonna catch Sweetie doing any bouncing!

After bouncing for an hour or so, we all stopped and the kids had pizza and cake.  (Personally I think it would have been more exciting to feed the kids BEFORE bouncing, but then I'm weird like that!)

Dodong and his pizza

Eating Pizza

The cake was made by a local Filipina, and it was yummy!

Dodong and a big piece of cake

At home later in the evening we celebrated Lola's birthday with ..... yet another cake!  This was a vanilla ice-cream cake with purple frosting, and it was yummy.  (That's TWO yummy cakes in one day.  No wonder we're fat!)

Lola's birthday cake

Slicing the cake



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