Tuesday, June 20, 2017

10/June/2017 - A Better Day

Today was MUCH better than yesterday.  First of all, it was a Saturday.  Hooray!!

Secondly, we discovered that the Mellow Mushroom in Warner Robins, which we had never been to, is a really, really wonderful place.

Outside the wonderful Warner Robins Mellow Mushroom

Inside the wonderful Warner Robins Mellow Mushroom

Kuya was happy

This is important, because for some bizarre reason the Mellow Mushroom near us has been shut down for nearly a month, for "remodeling".

Back home, Grump and Sweetie practiced their "horse" skills, giving Dodong and Kuya rides.

Grump is a horse

Sweetie is also a horse

The day ended with Grump and Sweetie hugging and kissing, which was MUCH better than the misery Grump brought home last night.

The two lovers


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