Thursday, June 15, 2017

08/June/2017 - A Distraction

One of the many distractions that helps Grump survive working away from home, (in addition to the irreplaceable support of Sweetie, of course!), is going out to dinner with Venerable Watson and a couple of other guys from work.  They usually do this on Wednesday night, but this week Venerable Watson wasn't available on Wednesday, so they went out to dinner tonight instead.

Grump appeared to be in a better mood than he has been in the last few days, even drinking some water at work, (instead of tea - everyone should drink tea!), to appease Sweetie.

Grump drinking water instead of tea

Back home, life went on as normal: Dodong played, Kuya curled up with his iPad, and Sweetie was sweet and happy!


Kuya and his iPad


Sweetie being sweet

I suppose the dinner out tonight was a big help to Grump, as he didn't fuss about "having to work" to Sweetie.

Venerable Watson outside the restaurant

There's a park beside the restaurant, (which has since closed, by the way), called "Dinglewood Park", I believe.  There isn't much to it, (it's more of an extension to the nearby Weracoba and Wildwood parks), but Grump walked through it anyway, taking some pics.


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