Monday, June 26, 2017

14/June/2017 - Cucumbers and Figs

Today the excitement was due to our first, (teeny-tiny), harvest of cucumbers and figs.  Hooray!

A Cucumber growing on the vine

Cucumbers and Figs from Our Yard

So that was the good part of the day.

The bad part of the day was that Grump was still working out of town.  This physical separation is hard on the family.

Sweetie at home, wishing Grump were here

Grump at work in Columbus, wishing he was back home

Grump and Sweetie aren't the only ones feeling frustration.  Kuya is attending Vacation Bible School this week; poor Dodong is too young to attend.

Dodong standing beside a VBS poster

Oh well.  Frustration is a part of life, and without sadness, can we fully appreciate joy?


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