Thursday, June 29, 2017

19/June/2017 - Back to Work

That mean old Monday rolled around again, and so Grump had to make the long, long, long drive to his job in Columbus, Georgia.

Meanwhile, back home, Sweetie finally got some stakes and propped up the dahlia.

Dahlias are such silly plants!  While their flowers are unarguably huge and pretty, they grow in such a top-heavy way that if not staked up, they flop all over the ground.  Gorgeous plants, but about as sturdy and self-sufficient as a fashion model.

Kuya doesn't like to eat just any dish, (actually he doesn't like to eat much of anything!), so when feeding "His Majesty" you've got to make sure you've given him approved food.

I'm too cool to eat that stuff!
I think the boy needs to spend 6 more months with his relatives in the Philippines!


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