Saturday, July 16, 2016

2016/July/14 - Grump is Stupid!

Hi There.  I am a Dummy!!

Grump had his second and final day of class today.  Class ended early, (as classes often do), and Grump was taking a vacation day tomorrow, so he drove back home, arriving at our house before dinner.

Now before I tell you the STUPID BONEHEADED MORONIC thing he did, understand that he woke up feeling ill, (yet another sinus infection - good grief!), and so he could possibly claim diminished capabilities for his actions.  (I just think he is an idiot!)

We decided to get hamburgers and pizza for dinner.  When paying for the hamburgers, Grump dropped some of the change in his car.  Coming back from getting the pizza, he tried to bend down and look for the loose change, in the process banging his head on the turn signal / headlights lever.  So he did what any normal, mature man would do: he whacked the lever.  AND BROKE IT OFF!!

Good grief!  What a moron!

Fortunately it was still early enough that the car dealer shop was still open, so we drove back home, and Sweetie got in her car and followed the childish Old Grump to the dealership.

Now Grump has no car!

Hopefully the car can be fixed before Monday, because Grump will need to drive back to Columbus for work.  If it can be fixed in time, I bet it won't be cheap, and if it can't be fixed in time, Grump will need to rent a car for next week, which will also be expensive.


What are we going to do with this Old Grump?  Please pray for him, that he will grow up and stop acting like a crazy teenager.

To offset some of Grump's craziness, I think we need some WonderPolls.

1. Have you ever looked for something that you had in your hand?

Yes ..... probably more than once.  95% of y'all are honest, and admitted to being absent minded too, while 5% of you are so absent minded you can't remember how absent minded you are!

2.  Have you ever, in a fit of childish anger, broken an expensive part on your car or a major appliance?

Ha, ha.  Let's hope that the majority of y'all answer, "No!"

Peace y'all!

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