Friday, July 29, 2016

2016/July/27 - Allergy Tests

The "exciting" news of the day was Grump went to get tested for allergies, to see what is the cause of his chronic sinus problems.

He was poked in the arm with various small amounts of "stuff", and had to sit still like this:

Grump being tested for allergies

And the grand result of all this poking and prodding and SITTING VERY STILL was .......... nothing.

It turns out Grump isn't allergic to anything.  So the mystery remains: why does he always have a runny nose?

After the allergy testing was over Grump and Sweetie went out for a quick lunch:

Careful Grump!

How Sweet!

Later in the afternoon the best part of the day occurred.  Grump surprised Sweetie by taking her to a place they hadn't been before, Agape Nursery.

While there, Sweetie saw something she really likes, namely this plant stand.  And she does have a birthday coming up!  (Hint, hint, hint ....)

A Plant Stand

Sweetie likes this plant stand!


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