Sunday, July 24, 2016

2016/July/23 - Saturday

Even though it was Saturday, the Old Grump was still grumpy:

An Irritated Grump

So what set the old fellow off this time?

Grump was very tired, and would have loved to do nothing more than take a long afternoon nap.  But Sweetie insisted that they, (the whole family), drive up to H Mart just like last weekend, to buy some fruits and veggies.

See Sweetie and Dodong in the above picture?  Notice that, unlike Grump, they are SLEEPING?

Look at this pic:

Lola sleeping

That's Lola in the front passenger seat, sleeping.

Look at this pic:

Pleasant Dreams!
 That's Dodong, Sweetie, and Kuya in the back seat, sleeping.

In fact, everyone got a nice long nap all the way up to H Mart EXCEPT Old Grump.  No wonder he is so grumpy!

Things picked up a bit once we got to H Mart.  It's always fun to see what unusual fruits and veggies they have this week.

These were lychees, I believe

Bitter melon is supposed to be extremely good for you, so Sweetie always buys us a lot.

Nice looking Bitter Melon

One thing H Mart does that's nice is to chop up their jackfruit into sections.  That way, you don't have to buy a whole HUGE jackfruit, and you can check to see if it is at the stage of ripeness you want.

Jackfruit sections

They have lots of fruits and veggies I've never tasted.

I'm not even sure what Thai Okra really is!

After our shopping at H Mart was complete, we stopped at the II Dua Vietnamese restaurant again, for a very early dinner.

No Celebrity Seekers Please!
 Satisfied and full, we drove back home to lay about for the remainder of the day.

Only Grump couldn't rest.  He had some work to do on his Tumblr accounts and his online tea store, ( ).  Kuya joined him, and briefly the two of them tried to get iMovie to create a very simple stop motion movie one more time.  Unfortunately, they couldn't get the stubborn software to do what they wanted this time either!

Undeterred by Grump's inability to edit a simple stop motion clip, Kuya went ahead a made some drawings and took some pics of his own:

A pic from the "Bot vs. Bin" movie

The evil bird Zambo from "Bot vs. Bin"
Maybe someday "Bot vs. Bin" will actually get made, and play at a movie theater near you?

Peace y'all!

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