Friday, July 29, 2016

2016/July/28 - A Black Stripe

Grump was back at work this morning.  (You know the routine: wake up before dawn, drive for hours  halfway across the state, then try to keep your tired body going until work is over and you can go back to the apartment in Columbus and crash.)

Sweetie had made him some of that yummy yogurt/oatmeal/chia seeds breakfast again:

Grump's Breakfast

Grump did survive work, (barely!), but the good stuff today happened back home: Kuya got a black stripe for his belt in karate class!

A new black stripe on his belt
Hooray for Kuya!

Other than that, I suppose the second most exciting thing, (from his point of view, at least), was that Grump went to bed very early, around 8:30 pm.  When you're old and grumpy, going to bed is one of your few remaining pleasures!

Peace y'all!

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