Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2016/July/26 - Back Home

Does this lunch look appetizing?

Grump's Lunch
It was red snapper, winter squash, egg plant, and rice, and it was delicious!

Back home we had visitors: two of Sweetie's friends from central Georgia, and their kids.  All of us, (except Grump, who was working in Columbus), went to the water park, and had a great time playing in the water.

Because Sweetie is a lovely dark color, (instead of being a pale pink like Grump), she doesn't worry about staying out in the sun.  Well, guess who got a sunburn this time?

A sunburned Sweetie
No matter how dark you are, you need to be aware of how much sun exposure your skin is getting.  Yes, pale folks like Grump get skin damage much quicker than those with more pigment, but then it's easier to tell when pale skin has been overexposed to the sun.  Be careful out there!

Because Grump has an allergist appointment tomorrow morning, he came home after work tonight.  For dinner we munched on some of the yummy food Sweetie's friends brought over, then went to bed (relatively) early.


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