Saturday, July 23, 2016

2016/July/22 - Home

Friday, Friday, Friday!!

It being the last day of the work week, once his "shift" was over Grump drove back home.  He took a "shortcut" through the city of Roberta and got lost, but fortunately his cellphone was able to give him directions to get back home.

First off, here are some pics from earlier in the week that I forgot to post:

Dodong enjoys eating his raspberries "Finger Family" style.  He is obsessed with "finger family" videos on YouTube, and chose to enact his own.

Finger Family Raspberries

While Kuya is a neat, almost fastidious eater, Dodong munches his food down with more gusto!

Kuya carefully eating a pizza from Subway

Grr ..... I'll swallow these noodles!

.... and stick my face in my plate if I have to!

Dodong immersing himself in an ice cream cone

Whilst Grump was away in Columbus, working to support the circus, Kuya fought off his loneliness for him by wearing one of his shirts.

Dodong temporarily restrained, while Kuya is deep in contemplation

When Grump finally arrived home Friday evening, Lola was busy watering the boys!

Kuya and Dodong getting hosed down

Our gardens have been very productive this year.  (Thanks Lola!)  Besides the green beans and tomatoes, we are now starting to get figs and okra.

More goodies from our garden

I hope all of y'all have a wonderful, blessed weekend!


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