Saturday, July 30, 2016

2016/July/29 - FRIDAY!!

Yippee!  It was finally Friday!

Grump's roommate expressed his delight:

I'm so excited ...... I just can't hide it

Back home, we discovered Dodong loves to much on these "fruit" treats:

Sweetie, Dodong, and Kuya just hung out, while waiting for the Old Grump to come home:

I suppose the big excitement was that, once Grump did get home, he left his car at the dealership to have an oil change and some other work done to it.  Exciting, huh?

We did get some big financial news.  The money Grump cashed out of savings, (to help pay for our endless overindulgences), arrived today.  Tomorrow morning bright and early we will go to the bank and deposit the check.

The cruddy news of the day occurred when, at Sweetie's insistence, we took Dodong to the pediatric after hours clinic.  The poor guy has bad ear infections in both ears, again.  Back home, when Sweetie gave him his medicine, he barfed up his first dose!

Life is never boring when you have kids!


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