Monday, July 25, 2016

2016/July/24 - Quiet Day

It was a real quiet day.  We didn't really go anywhere or do anything, although at one point we tried.  With everyone packed into Sweetie's car, Grump drove us through Macon towards Milledgeville, which was our final destination.

We never made it there.  Somehow while driving through East Macon, Grump got lost, twice!  (And East Macon is NOT a place you want to get lost in!)  His goal was to follow route 23 to 57.  First he lost route 23 around the Fort Hawkins monument.  Then, once he got back on track, (after a scary saunter through some creepy neighborhoods), he forgot to turn off 23 onto 57, and in no time at all was driving past the odious Lizard Pit, where, (praise be to God!), he no longer works.

After his second boo-boo we just decided to all it quits, and went home.

On a more pleasant note: Sweetie's bitter melon vine is beginning to bear fruit!

Sweetie's Bitter Melon Vine, bearing fruits

The boys were kinda bored today.  Kuya did whatever it is that Kuya does:

Kuya doing "something"

..... while Dodong immersed himself in ice cream again!

Ice Cream!!

It's a little known fact that the best way to eat ice cream is with your hands!

Dodong's ice cream eating technique

Who's got the ice cream beard?


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