Monday, July 18, 2016

2016/July/16 - Bouncing

The first thing we did this morning was drive over to the dealer's to inquire about the repairs to Grump's car.

An expensive part to replace!

The good news is that his car was fixed.  The horrible news was the cost, over $400!!  What a complete and utter fool Grump is for breaking his car like that!

What's done, is done, so we had to move on from that experience, and hope a contrite Grump learned his lesson.

After lunch one of Kuya's friends had a birthday party at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Macon.   Kuya, Dodong, and even the Old Grump himself had a blast jumping on the trampolines.

Putting on the orange "bouncing socks"

Some pre-bouncing instructions for the little ones

Dodong and Kuya bouncing

Bounce, Dodong, Bounce!!

Oh my.  Look at all the STRAIN the fat Old Grump puts on the trampoline!

Now no bouncing birthday party is complete without pizza and cake AFTER the bouncing, (before the bouncing might be problematic!), so once our bouncing time was up the kids gathered for cake and pizza.

Kuya showing off for the birthday girl and her friend.  They were not amused!

Once the birthday party was over we regrouped, and drove to H Mart in Riverdale, to buy some yummy fruits and veggies.

We bought all sorts of fruits and veggies, including a large slice from a jackfruit.  Sweetie was very happy because they had boxes of rambutan for sale.  Of course we bought one!

Lychee, (I think), and Rambutan

Some of the jackfruit we bought, after Lola cleaned it at home

Driving back from H mart we were all very hungry, so we stopped at a Vietnamese called II Dua on Tara Road in Jonesboro.  What a pleasant surprise this was!  This was one of the best Vietnamese restaurants we've eaten at in years!  Highly recommended, if you ever find yourself hungry and in Jonesboro, Georgia.  (Check out the restaurant's reviews if you don't believe me.)

A hungry family anxiously awaiting our food

Finally, on the way home Kuya spotted a really cool rainbow.  Sweetie managed to snap a pic of it, but trust me, it looked much cooler in person.

Kuya's Rainbow


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