Monday, July 18, 2016

2016/July/17 - A Long Nap!

What can you say about a day whose highlight, at least from Old Grump's point of view, was a three hour nap he took once we got home from church?

The day was not a complete waste, as there was some minor activity on our part.  The produce we bought at H mart yesterday was sorted, washed, peeled, and/or cooked.

Yummy came cooked and ready to eat!

On one of our excursions to the store, Sweetie wore the new shoes that Grump bought her on Friday, as penance for his reckless $500 cash flush.

Sweetie's new shoes

A pretty Sweetie standing in her new shoes beside her pretty flowers
She also wore them to the gathering at our neighbor's next door, where she got to chat in Bisaya and Tagalog with her Filipino friends while back home Grump snored.

Dodong is at the age where eating is also a physical event, particularly when liquids are involved.  Here he is contemplating just what else he can do with a straw full of chocolate milk.

Dodong, straw, and chocolate milk

 Peace y'all!

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