Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2016/July/25 - Back to Work

It was Monday, (ugh!), and once again Grump had to wake up before dawn, (ugh!), and drive half-way across the state to go to work, (ugh!).  But I suppose we should all be happy that at least Grump has a job, even if he isn't earning enough now to pay the bills.

Dodong "attacked" Lola with a Minecraft axe:

Watch out Lola!

Nothing else really exciting happened today, so how about some WonderPolls?

1. Do you ever see double?

No, and if you do, that's a serious problem.

The WonderPoll itself was attempting to be cute:

Ha, ha.

2. Do you believe the zombie apocalypse is possible?

Of course not!  But 58% of y'all are gullible enough to worry about such nonsense.

3. Do you associate certain words, letter, and/or numbers with a certain color?

Well, sometimes a color pops into my head when thinking of a number or letter, so I suppose I'd give a qualified "Yes" as an answer.  73% of respondents think I'm crazy, and only think of colors when, well, thinking about colors!  (Or maybe when you're thinking about the zombie apocalypse?)

4.  Have you ever mooned someone?  "Yes", "no", or "on accident".

How can you accidentally moon someone?

Anyway, I never have "mooned" anyone, although I think this is a life experience I am missing out on.

Responses were split pretty evenly between "yes", (44%), and "no", (43%), with 13% of y'all being hapless souls who "accidentally" mooned.  ("There I was, pressing my bare butt cheeks against the school bus window, when they just happened to walk by.  I had NO IDEA they would be mooned by me, of all people.")

5. Are you ticklish?

Hell yeah!  And 82% of y'all are too.

Somehow 18% of respondents are such cold fish that they claim not to be ticklish.  How can anyone NOT be ticklish?  Are they lying?  Are they zombies?

Peace y'all!

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