Tuesday, July 19, 2016

2016/July/18 - Back to Work

Monday morning!  Time for Grump to get up before dawn and drive half-way across the state to his job once again.

Sweetie woke up early too, and saw him off, as she always does.

Sweetie waving goodby to Grump in the pre-dawn darkness

Once the day properly began, it was pretty much a normal routine.  Kuya and Dodong ate ice cream after lunch, then Kuya went to his piano and karate lessons.  (Those are, of course, separate lessons; he is NOT learning how to karate chop a piano!)

Dodong enjoyed his ice cream

Kuya enjoyed his ice cream too!

Once the work day was over, a tired Grump went back to the apartment in Columbus and mostly lay about, wallowing in self-pity because he didn't feel too well, he was lonely, and if he keeps acting like a fool, he will never, ever be able to retire!

A Homesick Pink Whale

Ugh!  Was that pic necessary?

Peace y'all!

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