Tuesday, August 2, 2016

2016/July/30 - To Market!

We woke up early, (for a Saturday, that is!), and like we've been doing every Saturday recently, drove the back roads to H Mart in Riverdale to buy some yummy fruits and vegetables.

We're always amazed by the jackfruits for sale there:


Kuya and the Jackfruit

What's cool about H Mart is that they cut up the jackfruit so you can buy pieces of it:

I suppose the "exciting" news of the day is that Dodong has become a performing artist of sorts, practicing his art while eating food.

Dodong contemplating his work

The artist makes some adjustments

Oh! What's this? He takes his work in a bold new direction!

A triumphant accomplishment!

Cheers for the Master, as he plans his next Opus


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