Tuesday, August 2, 2016

2016/August/01 - Another Monday

It was Monday, time once again for the Old Grump to wake up before dawn and drive half-way across the state to his job in Columbus.

As usual, Sweetie made lots of food for him to take back with him, including some jackfruit, which was quickly gobbled up!

The remnants of Grump's jackfruit

When we went to H Mart on Saturday, Grump had bought himself some coconut water drinks.  What's interesting about these drinks is that, even though one implies it is from Mexico, and the other from Jamaica, in fact they are both products of Thailand!

Thai coconut water

The "exciting" news of the day, if you could call it that, occurred when Sweetie took her car in to the dealership for a simple oil change.  Kuya came with her, and as it turns out, they were both stuck there for several hours while her car had some needed repairs applied, one of which was the replacement of a badly damaged tire:

A tire with a bad split!

We're very, very lucky that this tire was replaced before it blew out!

Neither Sweetie nor Kuya had expected the work on her car to take as long as it did.  They were extremely bored sitting at the dealership waiting and waiting for the repairs to be completed, but they survived.  Eating lots of junk food helped the time pass by!

Sweetie and Kuya waiting for her car to be repaired.

As for the Old Grump, he was back at work, being as pleasant and charming as ever:

A Weird Old Grump


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