Wednesday, August 17, 2016

2016/August/15 - Back to Work (ugh!)

It was Monday, and Grump had to go back to work:

A Sad Grump at Work

Meanwhile, back home, Kuya and Dodong had to attend "school":

Kuya getting ready to study

Dodong ..... it's time for school!

Both Boys doing their lessons

But eventually all things must pass, and the work/school day was over!

Grump was ecstatic!

A Happy Grump

To celebrate, he went to the "world famous" Columbus Botanical Garden.

Okay, so the Columbus Botanical Garden wasn't really all that spectacular, (at least when compared to legitimate botanical gardens, such as the one in Atlanta), but it does provide some nice places to take some pretty pictures.

(If you're really bored, or desperate to see "botanical garden pics", you can click here,, to see more pictures Grump took while there.)

Meanwhile, back home, once "school" was done Sweetie, Lola, and the two boys went to Amersen River Park for a bit of relaxation.

Kuya, Lola, and Dodong, frolicking in the park

A happy Kuya and Sweetie at the park

Peace y'all!!

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