Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2016/August/07 - IKEA!

Despite the fact that Old Grump woke up very tired and very grumpy, (what else is new?), we decided the best thing to do today was drive to IKEA in Atlanta to purchase a desk for Kuya's first day of homeschooling tomorrow.

Some of us were up and about early, happily getting ready for the drive:

Others, (yes, Grump, that would be YOU!), were more obstinate, and had to be cajoled out of bed.

The drive to IKEA wasn't nearly as bad as we thought, mainly because Grump had us all convinced that the only IKEA in the area was far north of Atlanta.  In fact, it is located in town, very close to Georgia Tech.  So we didn't have to drive "far north" of Atlanta at all!

The boys enjoyed riding around in a shopping cart while Sweetie and Lola shopped.  (Grump just stomped around, trying not to annoy anyone.)

They have some really cool stuff for sale there, like the Eiffel Tower!  (Yeah, it's just a picture, but then I think you'd have trouble getting the real Eiffel Tower into your car.)

One of our favorite things to do at an IKEA is eat at the cafeteria.

The boys eating chicken tenders

Hi Dodong

Hi Grump!  Hi Sweetie!

She was so captivated by her food that we even managed to snap a few pics of the elusive Lola!

Lola concentrating on her yummy food 
Hi Lola!

The food at IKEA is seriously yummy, and reasonably priced.  You should try it sometime!

Grump's Veggie Balls
Sweetie's Chicken Balls

Everybody's Chocolate Cake, (we shared!)

After IKEA we drove to the wonderful H Mart, to buy cool fruits and veggies.  H Mart has all sorts of neat stuff!

Sweetie got these delicious longans - they were the last bunch that were available!

Yummy Longans!

So after driving the family all the way to Atlanta to go to IKEA, and then driving to H Mart, did a tired Old Grump have a chance to relax when he got home?

No way!  He had to assemble the desk we just bought for Kuya's first day of homeschooling tomorrow!

Grump starting to assemble the desk

Aah ....... poor Grump!

But in no time at all, (ha, ha!), the desk was finally assembled:

A Desk!

And soon after that Grump had the chair assembled too, so that now Kuya was ready to learn!

A Chair and Desk Assembled and ready for Kuya

So it was a long day, but a productive one.


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