Saturday, August 6, 2016

2016/August/05 - Back Home, (and still coughing!)

It was Friday, HOORAY!, time for Grump to wrap up the work week in Columbus and make the long drive back home for the weekend.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that he and Sweetie were still coughing.  (Grump was coughing even worse than yesterday.  Phooey!)

We had visitors tonight!  Some of Sweetie's relatives from Chicago were visiting, and spent the night with us.  In honor of our guests, Sweetie made a nice dinner:

An Appetizing Spread for Dinner
The nearly empty glass with what looks like purple crud on the bottom is some sort of drink Grump made for himself.  (Sweetie doesn't make icky stuff like that!)

Scrumptious Dinner with Grump's Purple-Crud Drink

Meanwhile, the boys continued unfazed with their electronic gadget infatuation:

I wonder what the long term effects of spending all that time focused on a screen, rather than interacting with other people, will be?  Despite all the shrill shrinks, social policy busybodies, and other doomsayers, my guess is that it will be minimal, and maybe even beneficial.  Who knows?


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