Wednesday, August 17, 2016

2016/August/14 - Atlanta, Again!

So what did we do today?  Well, we went to Atlanta again, this time to the Buford Highway Farmers market.

If you live in central Georgia, then you should already know that there is Atlanta, and then there is everywhere else.  And "everywhere else" doesn't have all the neat goodies that Atlanta has, which is probably because "everywhere else" doesn't have anywhere near the amount of people Atlanta has either!  Be that as it may, we decided to drive to Atlanta again, this time all the way across town to Doraville, (basically northern Atlanta), where the Buford Highway Farmers market is located.

Why, you may ask, did we do that, since we were just at H Mart yesterday?  Well, here is one of the reasons:

Yummy Mangoes!
 H Mart didn't have any of the mangoes Sweetie likes yesterday, so we decided to make the long drive and give the Buford Highway Farmers market a try.  We're glad we did!

As you know by now, there are all sorts of cool fruits and veggies there, such as this display of all sorts of types of eggplant:

Kuya and the Eggplants

And other "things", such as spiny chayote.  (Grump doesn't even like regular chayote!)

Watch those spines Kuya!

While there, we grabbed some lunch at the farmer's market cafeteria:

Grump's Lunch
Sweetie's Lunch, (approved by Dodong)

Both the Old Grump and Kuya were "paid for", which is a good thing for both of them.  (They didn't have to stay behind and wash dishes!)

Here is one of the other reasons we went to the Buford Highway Farmers Market - yummy mangosteens!


As you may remember from yesterday, the mangosteens at H Mart were way too hard.  Buford Highway had some great ones, so we were able to treat ourselves to a few.  (Yeah, they were expensive - very expensive!)

But I don't want to sound like I'm down on H Mart, as they do have the best camotes in Georgia.  (White skinned Korean purple yams, super sweet bonitas, etc.)  For that alone we will continue to shop there on a regular basis, and make the extended trip to Buford Highway only for an occasional treat.

Peace y'all!

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