Wednesday, August 10, 2016

2016/August/09 - Grump Forgets

Today should have been a wonderful day.  Today Old Grump should have called Grandma, and wished her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  But ..... Grump forgot!

Oh sure, he had some flimsy excuses, like not getting much sleep Saturday and Sunday night, and with Monday being a day off work him forgetting that today was Tuesday, not Monday.  But the truth is he just plain forgot to call.

Shame on you, Grump!

Back home in central Georgia, Kuya was already progressing well on his writing after just two days of school:

Kuya's handwriting is improving

Sweetie is working really hard with him to get him up-to-speed with the second grade curriculum.  With her help, I'm sure he'll do fine.


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