Thursday, August 25, 2016

2016/August/22 - Vacation, Day 4

Another day at the beach, and another post with no beach pics?

Well .... one day at the beach is PLENTY for the adults, so by today they had had their fill of sand and salt water.  The kids could spend another three weeks at the beach, of course, but their beach adventures would go undocumented today.

If your life will be ruined without another glimpse of the beach, you can try the link I posted yesterday: . If that just won't cut it, here are some completely unrelated to anything beach pics, (via

Okay ..... back to our vacation!

We were up early again, only this morning we hosed around in our hotel room for a bit.

Dodong hosing around

Kuya hosing around

Sweetie and the boys

Old Grump, (aka, the beached whale), and the boys

We had a nice lunch at Panera.  (Grump is missing from these pics because he was the photographer.  Oh, you didn't notice he wasn't there?  How could you possibly miss him?)

For dinner we went to Carrabba's, which for some unknown reason Grump doesn't like too well.  He got this spaghetti and chicken dish, which he ate about half of:

Sweetie got chicken marsala, and it was absolutely delicious!

The boys each got some spaghetti, which they ate, with help from Sweetie:

After dinner we were all stuffed, so we waddled back to our rooms and went to bed early.

Peace y'all.

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