Monday, August 8, 2016

2016/August/06 - Sabbath!

As you know, (if you read yesterday's entry), we have visitors.  These folks happen to be Seventh Day Adventists, (as is Sweetie), so on this Sabbath we got up early and went to worship services.

Now the problem with Sabbath is that it just so happens to fall on Saturday, which is a day Grump likes to use for other things.  So he was a bit grumpy in the morning; his mood wasn't helped by the persistence of the stupid cough that has been plaguing him for several days now.

Fortunately none of us cough too much in church.  The rest of the day was spent talking and relaxing, spending time with each other and our visitors.  That, I suppose, is how the Sabbath should be celebrated.

Sweetie cooked up some nice food for us, which we all enjoyed, even Lola!


Dodong is always happy

A few days ago, Sweetie repotted one of our indoor plants.  Today was the first day that Grump noticed.


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