Friday, August 26, 2016

2016/August/24 - Back to Work

Ugh!  Old Grump had to wake up super early this morning, and make the long drive halfway across the state to return to his job so we could pay, (almost - medical costs have been killing us this year!), the bills.

He is lucky, I suppose, in that his job is an office job, and looks more like this:

than this:

or, God forbid!, this:

Something I NEVER want to do!

But as everyone who works for a living knows, the mantra of the boss man is always:

Meanwhile, back home, it wasn't all peaches-and-cream for Kuya or Sweetie either, as Kuya had to resume his homeschooling, working extra to catch up on the classes he missed while we were away.

Maybe someday we'll get our costs and other spending under control, and the Old Grump can finally retire?  (Don't hold your breath!)

Peace y'all!

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