Monday, August 29, 2016

2016/August/28 - Lazy Sunday

It was Sunday, a great day for staying in bed and sleeping in.  Unfortunately Dodong saw to it that we got out of bed nice and early, by peeing on a rug in the bathroom!  (Sweetie is attempting to "housebreak" him, and he hasn't quite figured out how to be housebroken yet.)

Sweetie dressed the boys to go to church in matching outfits, and while they looked nice briefly, they soon had their clothes all messed up.

Dodong and Kuya.  By the time I took this photo, they had already ruffled their shirts.

The boys playing on the bed

 We go to a congregation that meets in a church that is just south of Macon, GA.

Walking into Church

A view out a church window

During church service Kuya recited the first few verses from Genesis:

After church was over Kuya's friend Mr. B, his little sister, and his momma came over for a visit.  Other neighborhood filipinas showed up too; Sweetie, Lola, and the ladies had great time chatting away in Bisaya.

Old Grump had a great time hiding in the bedroom, taking a nap!


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