Wednesday, August 10, 2016

2016/August/08 - First Day of School

Today was an exciting day.  It was Kuya's first day of homeschooling!

Kuya was eager to start learning:

Kuya the scholar

So was Dodong:
Dodong is a scholar too!

Our "classroom" is set up in our living room, in front of the TV.  This is so that Kuya can sit at his desk and watch the instructional DVDs.

Our home "classroom"

One of the advantages of home schooling is that Sweetie can give Kuya individualized attention which just isn't possible in a classroom setting.

Showing Kuya what to do

Since this is still a lower elementary class, (second grade), coloring is part of the curriculum.

Kuya coloring

Dodong coloring

In other news ...... Grump had a doctor's appointment.  It was just for a physical, but the timing was very good, as a STUPID cough had kept him awake Saturday and Sunday night.  (He didn't fall asleep Saturday until 3:00 am!!)  Sweetie and Grump's doctors have moved to a new building, which, believe it or not, Grump found without any trouble.

A Carport at the Doc's Office

Grump's doctor gave him some drugs to help with his cough, but after two nights with very little sleep Grump was ...... well, grumpy.  He spent most of the day hiding in the bedroom while Sweetie tried to single handedly get Kuya's homeschooling up and running.

For dinner we went to the wonderful Taki restaurant for a meal we probably can't afford.  But what the heck ..... we can't afford anything anymore.  It seems every month Grump is having to take money out of his "retirement" savings to pay the bills.  Is this the new normal for Americans?


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