Saturday, August 6, 2016

2016/August/04 - Coughing

No (cough, cough) pics today.

Grump woke up before dawn, and made the long drive half-way across the state, coughing the entire way.  He had class today, which was nice, but despite having a pile of cough drops, coughed his way through most of the class.

Back home Sweetie was coughing too.

Phooey on whatever it is that's making us cough!!

Since coughing is the order of the day, let's cough our way through some WonderPolls!

1. Have you ever cheated on a final?  "Yes", "No", or "I have never taken a final."

No, I have never cheated on a final, (or any test, for that matter)*.  41% of y'all are honest, and agreed with me, while 33% of y'all are cheaters, and should hide your head in shame!  As for the other 26%, have you really never taken a test?

2. Have you ever farted and blamed it on someone else?

Well, yes I have, particularly when I was a kid.  As an adult, if I fart I usually 'fess up to it.  90% of respondents admitted to passing the blame for a fart, so I'm in good company.  Only 10% of y'all said, "No", claiming to be beyond reproach in all things related to expulsions of intestinal gas, voluntary or involuntary.  Then again, maybe these same folks also claim they never fart?

3. Is the Illuminati real?  "Yes", "No", "Not sure", or "I don't know what that is."

While there are "societies" of rich-and-powerful folk which try to predict and control the fate of nations, (e.g., the Bilderberg Group), none of them have anywhere near the alleged influence and control of the Illuminati.  In that sense, the Illuminati are a fictional organization.  But in the sense that there are private, publicity-shy groups out there that are influencing, however minimally, our future, WITH NO INPUT FROM OR ACCOUNTABILITY TO THE REST OF US, "the Illuminati" do exist.

12% of respondents interpreted this question in the narrow sense of an all-powerful Illuminati, and answered "No", while 34% acknowledged the existence of limited-access groups implementing public policy, and answered "Yes."  24% of y'all couldn't decide and answered "Not sure", while 30% of y'all lead sheltered lives and don't even know what the "Illuminati" are.  (Too busy watching the latest "reality" TV show, I bet!)

Peace y'all!

* - oops!  Reflecting on this further, I remember a "rough spot" in my life, (11th grade), when I regularly cheated on math tests.  This is NOT something I'm proud of now, of course.

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