Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2016/August/30 - Sweetie's Birthday!

Today was Sweetie's Birthday!  Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

Lola and the boys pitched in and bought her a nice bouquet of flowers:

Sweetie had a better day than yesterday, (thank God!), but she was still stressed from the effort of homeschooling an inattentive Kuya.  She is not too keen on Grump working out of town, and would like for him to quit and get a job back home.  Unfortunately, there just aren't a whole lot of good IT jobs in central Georgia, particularly for old COBOL mainframe guys.

Meanwhile, back in Columbus, Grump treated himself to some loose leaf tea for breakfast:

While we don't have this specific brand of tea in our store, (at least not yet), Grump assures me he is busy adding several good Chinese brands of loose leaf tea to our inventory.

And while we are on the subject of loose leaf tea, someone needs to write a rebuttal to Anne Greene's silly article, because OF COURSE loose leaf tea is better than any tea that comes in a tea bag.  (And she knows it too!!)

This is a pic of Grump's breakfast, which, in addition to the yummy tea, included some polvoron, cut strawberries, and three hard boiled eggs, (not pictured for some obscure reason).

Most of Grump's breakfast

 Grump's lunch was interesting too, consisting of bitter melon, egg, and rice:

Grump's lunch

So most of the day went by okay.  Work was mostly pleasant for Grump, and Sweetie survived another day of homeschooling with less stress than yesterday.  But I have to say "most", because just before bedtime Kuya went ballistic, throwing a crying tantrum over not being allowed to watch TV.  Poor Sweetie was nearly at her wit's ends with him, when Kuya pushed her over the edge by barfing all over the bathroom rug.

This has been an old, stupid trick of his: to cry uncontrollably until he vomits.  It's rather disgusting that a second grader would behave like this, but he does, and we have to deal with it.

The real source of the problem, truth be told, is Grump working out of town, leaving two young boys with Sweetie.  Something will have to change soon, else I'm afraid Sweetie will wind up crazy, in the hospital, or both.


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