Friday, August 12, 2016

2016/August/12 - Back Home, Again

It's Friday!  Hooray!  Grump is back home again!  Hooray!

But first, the Old Grump had to put in a long, booooring day at work.  This was his breakfast:

Breakfast fit for a Grump

After lunch he walked around Columbus, GA a bit, and took a few more pics:

The factory there is still operating, which is a wonderful thing.  At least we have a wee bit of manufacturing still going on here in the USA, however feeble it, (the manufacturing!), may be.

He's taken pics of this church before, but from a different angle:

Meanwhile, back home, Kuya created a "minecraft bat", (whatever that is!), and taped it to the refrigerator:

Kuya's "Minecraft Bat"

For dinner, Sweetie went out with some lady friends to celebrate Joyce's birthday, (to the Back Burner, no less!), Lola stayed home and rested, and Grump took the boys to McDonalds.  It was an interesting dinner for Grump, as Dodong managed to spill nearly his entire chocolate milk all over the place, including on Grump!  (There are no pics of that disaster - don't even ask!)


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