Friday, August 5, 2016

2016/August/03 - Hump Day

It was Hump Day, and Old Grump was working away from home again.

During his lunch break, he bought himself a treat:

Yummy Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
The folks back home were appropriately jealous.

The best part of the day occurred in the evening, when Grump drove back half-way across the state to spend the night with the rest of the family.  (Working out of town sucks!)

The boys are addicted to their electronic devices:

Cool stuff, huh Bro'?

I wonder, when they get older, if they will be in a relationship with a real women, or a female robot?  (Scary question, actually, considering the rapid pace of technological advancement.)

We haven't had any Spenglish in a long time, so let's wallow around in it and attempt to mangle two languages!

"Tengo una esposa muy obediente.  Las esposas son tales animales fieles, y son tan fáciles de mantener."

"Dios mios tío, ¿estás loco?"


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