Tuesday, August 2, 2016

2016/July/31 - Lazy Day

It was a lazy Sunday.

Grump was gonna get up early and go workout at Planet Fitness, but instead he and Kuya just went over to a nearby park and walked around for a little bit. It wasn't much of a workout!

Later that morning, under Sweetie's HARSH guidance, Kuya practiced his piano lessons:

Don't mess up when the Boss is watching!

Dodong still has it easy now, but he better enjoy all this idle leisure now, as his time is gonna come!

While Kuya practiced on the piano, Dodong played with Sweetie's cellphone

Grump's daily chore was relatively easy: to spray the garden plants with Liquid Fence.  That stuff has been a Godsend for our gardens, keeping all deer, rabbits, and other nasty herbivores away from our yummy plants.  If you have a deer or rabbit problem, I highly recommend you get yourself some and give your plants a good dose.

Other stuff happened, of course, but I don't really remember it, so ........ let's wallow in some WonderPolls!

1. When you get a pizza, how many slices do you usually eat?  a) 1 - 2; b) 3 - 5; c) 6 - 8; d) I eat the whole pizza; e) I don't eat pizza.

Assuming they mean a standard large pizza with normal sized slices, NOT a personal pizza, (in which case you should eat the whole thing!), then I would have to answer "b", because I usually eat about three slices.

There are really only two bad answers to this question, "d", which assumes that either you're a glutton, or the pizza is really small, and "e", in which case you're a fool.  (With all due respect to my late, great Uncle Tom, who refused to eat pizza, saying, "It looks like someone has already done ate it!")  So ...... 12% of y'all are gluttons, and 2%, (a comfortably low number, thank God!), are fools.

Of the remaining choices, "a" was picked by 29% of respondents, "b" by 51% of respondents, and "c" by only 6% of respondents.

2. Who would you rather talk like?  Sam Elliot, James Earl Jones, Jeff Bridges, or Morgan Freeman.

I like Morgan Freeman's voice, and the characters he usually portrays, so I think I'd choose him.  However, Jeff Bridges also plays some great characters, so for me he'd be a close second.

The results weren't even close: Morgan Freeman was chosen by 90% of y'all!  James Earl Jones was a distant second with 5%, and Jeff and Sam got 3% and 2% respectively.

3. Jeopardy.  a) What is the game show where you have to guess the question?  b) What?

Only 76% of respondents got this little riddle.  As for the other 24% ...... what's up with you?  Have you never watched any daytime TV?  (If so ..... lucky bastards!)  How can anyone not know how Jeopardy works?

Some people must lead sheltered lives.

4. Are you afraid of the dentist?

HELL YEAH I AM!!  Who in their right mind looks forward to having sharp instruments poke their gums, or, on a bad day, having a hole drilled in your tooth?  Fear of further dentistry being applied to my mouth is the only reason I subject myself to that irritation called "flossing".

But would you believe that 69% of y'all claim NOT to be afraid of dentists?  Wow ..... if y'all are telling the truth, I'm impressed.

5. Who would win in a fight between Liam Neeson and Chuck Norris?

If you're referring to reality, then of course Chuck would mop up the floor with Liam.  But I guess they are referring to the fictional characters they portray, in which case I don't think anyone would stand a chance against Liam.

74% of y'all stuck with reality and chose Chuck, while 26% of y'all chose to believe in Liam's "special talents", and predicted he would win the fight.

Personally I think they're both bad asses, and am grateful that they portray good guys.

Peace y'all!

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