Saturday, August 27, 2016

2016/August/25 - Class, Day 1

Although marooned in Columbus, GA because of his job for two more days, today was the first day of a two day class for Grump.  How strenuous, huh?  So when he whines, (like he always does), about how hard it is for him working out of town, remember that for the last two days of this week he did nothing but get to work late, sit on his butt for a while in a classroom, and then leave early.

Oh the suffering this Old Grump must endure!

(Actually there is REAL suffering and stress associated with his working out of town, but it is ALL felt by Sweetie back home, who has to watch two kids, (while attempting to homeschool one), cook and clean, and get Kuya to his afternoon extracurricular activities, all while listening on the phone to Grump complain about how hard his life is!)

As an example of the "work" Grump did today, here are some notes he took on a styrofoam cup, (yes, he took notes on a styrofoam cup!), during class:

Class Notes taken on a Styrofoam Cup

For lunch, since Sweetie wasn't around to stop him, Grump treated himself to some yummy junk food at Taco Bell:
Grump unhealthy lunch

After class was over Grump snapped a few silly pics of Columbus:

A street level view in Columbus Georgia

Another street level view in Columbus, GA

I'm not sure what the significance of these pics are, other than proof that if you give a doofus a powerful piece of technology, (in this case, an iPhone), he will most likely abuse it.

Back home, Kuya and Sweetie were catching up on the school work Kuya missed during our vacation.  He seems to do much, much better when homeschooled than in a traditional classroom setting.  I wonder if that holds true for all kids?


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