Thursday, August 18, 2016

2016/August/17 - Stupid Day!

Since every day is a gift from God, to call any day "stupid" is being extremely ungrateful, I suppose.  But this was a frustrating day, so let's just say it was less wonderful than most.

It started out with Grump waking up before dawn and driving half-way across the state to his job.  This crazy commute is cause enough for frustration!  But it is what it is, and Grump would much rather drive for mile after mile after mile than ever set foot in the miserable Lizard Pit again!

Anyway, so Grump doesn't have too much to do at work, so he sits around a lot, contemplating life and existence and stuff like that.  Now inevitably if he DOES get something to do, it is given to him sometime after lunch.  This is what happened today.  So he had one task he had to get done.  Like a good little office worker he diligently did his stuff, then ....... IT DIDN'T FRIGGIN' WORK!  Grump had one and only one thing to do, and he couldn't get it accomplished.

As fate would have it, we also had a mandatory department meeting all afternoon, so the folks Grump needs to help him figure out WHY this silly task didn't work were all unavailable.  Grrr ......

Oh ..... by the way, for all who care, this is what Grump had for lunch:

A Grump Lunch

Back home things were a bit flustered too.  Sweetie had gone to the dentist yesterday morning, (to discover that she needs to replace a filling - drat!!), which had set Kuya's school work behind.  They decided to get caught up today, so Kuya was "in school" from early in the morning to very late in the afternoon.  But he did at least manage to go to karate class in the evening.

Now it is late.  Grump should be in bed, but he has a tummy ache, and feeling in general just "tense" about things.  Life is like that sometimes, I guess.


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