Wednesday, August 3, 2016

2016/August/02 - Another Day

It was another day of Grump working out of town.  Working away from home isn't fun, but there are bills to be paid, and someone has to earn some money to keep the circus going.

Grump ate camote for breakfast AND dinner:

Yummy camote Sweetie prepared for Grump

He also, at Sweetie's insistence, began to drink water.  This empty water bottle is proof that he consumed his daily water requirement:

Today's empty water bottle

Not much else exciting happened today.  Both Grump and his roommate got stuck in a heavy downpour coming back to the apartment from work.  It also rained really hard back home.  Sweetie had paid someone to cut the grass, (we're getting visitors this weekend, and she wanted it to look nice), and he had to stop because of the rain.


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