Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 304

31/October/2015, Day 304.  Saturday.

Happy Halloween!

Our day started off poorly - another flat tire; another $300 spent to buy two new ones.  Ouch, phooey, and ugh, all in one!  Yuck!!

After that disappointment, we did what the tough do, and went ...... shopping.  Once we were home after that therapeutic spending Grump spent an hour or so cutting the grass, (he didn't finish, by the way), then it was time to get ready for Miss Lily's birthday party.

The party was cowboy themed, and a VERY BIG DEAL.  Miss Lily catered the whole thing, and it was a "spare no expense first class only" event.  Rom even came down from Atlanta to participate.  It was held at a "barn" down in Byron, out in fields and pecan orchards somewhere.  And boy was it a lot of fun!

The food was great, there was plenty to drink, (alcoholic and otherwise), and most of the folks participated in the line dancing well into the evening.

Without any further ado, here are some pics:

Dodong and Rom, before the party
Grump, Kuya, Sweetie and Dodong are Ready to Party!!

Dodong, Lola, and Kuya

Dodong the cowboy

The party was mostly outdoors, and fortunately the weather absolutely gorgeous!

Kuya and a Lady Friend showing off their boots
Sweetie and Lola

Grump and Sweetie

The "Barn" 

Grump and Sweetie

Sweetie and Miss Joyce, who makes the world's best Ube cake!

Grump and Sweetie


Three young Filipina Cuties

Lucky Kuya hanging out with a group of Filipinas

Finally, I believe it is appropriate to acknowledge where the REAL authority in this world lies, namely, with the Lolas of the world!  Honor and respect them, and you will have a happy life!

Three Lolas Graciously Accepting Your Respect!

Goodnight all.

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