Monday, November 30, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 334

30/November/2015, Day 334.  Monday.

Grump took a vacation day today, so it was another lay-about-the-house day for him.  Since he can't lift or move anything heavy, (still recovering from the appendectomy), Sweetie and Lola had to move the old sofa up front, for the trash men to pick up tomorrow.  (Grump might just stretch this "recovery thing" on for a few more years!!)

Kuya was back in school today; Sweetie and Lola drove him there, while Grump did his sorry version of watching after Dodong.  Once they were back from dropping off Kuya, and the sofa had been moved, we all relaxed for a bit, then drove over to FOJ for an early lunch.  (It was delicious, as always!)

Lola, Dodong and Sweetie at FOJ

Sweetie and Grump, Having a Good Time

Dodong had a GREAT time!

Lola was not amused

She did, however, enjoy her yummy green tea

Later in the afternoon we went shopping for two booster seats for our cars.  Kuya is big enough now to sit in them, while Dodong will now sit in the car seats vacated by Kuya.

Whilst shopping we encountered a reindeer!

Grump Posing with a Reindeer

Kuya missed all this excitement, because he was at school.  But he did get to go to his piano lesson, where he was his normal calm self.

A "Calm" Kuya

Dinner was the last of the sliced honey baked turkey from Thanksgiving, bitter melon, and, (need I even mention it?), rice.

Goodnight all.

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