Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 313

09/November/2015, Day 313.  Monday.

It was another weird day.  Grump didn't barf, like he did yesterday, but he did come home from work early, at lunchtime, because he was ill.

Kuya, meanwhile, seems to be getting over the cold he had yesterday just fine.  Hooray!

Sweetie, Dodong, and Lola are all doing well.

One of the neat features of having an 18 month old running around the house is that we have cheerios and fruit loops hidden in places all around.  For example, I am sitting in our sofa right now, watching TV.  To my right are the built-in cup holders, which at the moment are holding fruit loops.  You're never too far away from a snack in our house, if you aren't too worried about sanitation.

Goodnight all.

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