Friday, November 27, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 331

27/November/2015, Day 331.  Friday.

Sweetie and Lola had a wonderful day mingling with the crowds for some "Black Friday" shopping.  Grump had a wonderful day sleeping late, and staying home by himself while everyone else jostled with the crowds.

Sweetie and Lola, with Kuya and Dodong in tow, shopped at the Riverside Mall, (actually "The Shoppes at River Crossing"), for over four hours!  They got some great deals, but mostly just enjoyed being out and about, and getting into the holiday spirit, (i.e., spending money!).  By the time they called Grump to come pick them up it was nearly 4:00 pm, and time for a very late lunch / early dinner.  Both Kuya and Dodong had held up better during this marathon shopping session than Grump would have, but by the time we all were leaving they were tired, and starting to get grumpy.

After dropping off Lola and the kids, (along with all the treasures they had acquired), Grump and Sweetie went to Rookery in downtown Macon to get a bite to eat.  After living four years in central Georgia they had never eaten there, so it was about time!  Yes, the food there is delicious.  Try it yourself if you're ever in this area.

Here are some pics from the shopping expedition:

Lola and Kuya in front of the Outdoor Christmas Tree

Dodong, Sweetie, and a Tired Kuya

Lola Heading for a Chair!

Grump's Attempt to make an "Artistic" Photo

Tired Kuya, Sweetie, and Tired Dodong

"Are you STILL shopping?"  (pic by Kuya)

Sweetie Modeling Pants to Lola, (pic by Kuya)

Goodnight all!

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