Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 312

08/November/2015, Day 312.  Sunday.

It was a weird day.

First of all, the nice weather seems to have disappeared, being replaced by cold, overcast dreary off-and-on rain.  It never got above 60 degrees today, and the sun seems to have taken a prolonged vacation.

Both Sweetie and Old Grump were somewhat ill today, and so they both slept in until late in the morning.  Once finally awake and dressed, they decided to go to Panera and bring home some food for the family.  After the Panera breakfast, we all climbed into Sweetie's car and drove to Warner Robins.

Warner Robins has two excellent filipino grocery stores, and they right around the corner from each other!  We went to "Marghie's Asian Market" first, then stopped by "Sally's Asian Market".  At Sally's we had what appeared to be a problem with our VISA card going through, so Grump called the credit card company to find out what was going on.  It turns out that our card was charged twice!  Ms. Sally credited us the money that went through the second time, but we'll have to see how this settles out with the VISA card.

On the way home, something very odd happened.  Grump, who was driving, got car sick!  He first started feeling queasy on I-75, then after we got off at our exit asked Lola for "some plastic", (a large sandwhich bag), which he then barfed in.  Sweetie insisted that he pull over rather than try to drive and vomit simultaneously!  One more retch, and the Old Grump seemed okay.  Weird, huh?

Later in the day Sweetie and Grump went shopping at Publix, now a little bit richer thanks to the cash Ms. Sally gave us.  Unfortunately when checking out we got behind some Bozo who took forever to pay for his groceries, because he was arguing with the cashier, (who wasn't God's brightest creation anyway), about some coupon he had for aspirin.  It took the Publix manager a full 20 minutes to resolve this mess!  Grump kept telling Sweetie to just grab what she really needed and get in the "10 items or less" lane so we could get out of there, but she refused.  Finally, after what seemed like Grump to be an eternity, Sweetie did get in another checkout line, and a few minutes later we were finally out of that store.

Dinner was super-duper yummy, being salmon heads, (for Lola, Sweetie, Kuya, and Dodong), and tilapia with Sweetie's super-duper yummy mango salsa, (for Grump, who will NOT touch, let alone eat, a fish head!).

Now it's late, and after we munch on this super-duper yummy durian we bought at Sally's, we're heading off to get ready for bed.  Goodnight all.

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