Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 332

28/November/2015, Day 332.  Saturday.

Basically it was another shopping day.

We all got up early for a quick breakfast, then Sweetie went with Grump to his workplace.  Grump had to finish up a document that is due Monday, and since he won't be at work Monday, (HOORAY!!), he had to complete it before then.  After that they drove down to Warner Robins to go to the filipino stores to buy all sorts of yummy stuff, like frozen salmon heads.  (Ugh!)

Once back home Sweetie and Lola hung some Christmas lights, (Grump sorta helped, and did a cruddy job - you'll see the pics below), then we had a yummy dinner of Thanksgiving leftovers.

After dinner Grump and Sweetie went out again to do some Christmas shopping, then it was home for good.

Our Christmas tree doesn't look too bad:

The Christmas Tree

But the outdoor lights need lots of help!

Grump never did like putting up lights!

Goodnight all!

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