Monday, November 30, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 333

29/November/2015, Day 333.  Sunday.

We got up early and went to church for the first time in several weeks.  Hooray!!  Other than that, it was basically another lay-about-the-house-between-shopping-trips type day.  Very painful to our budget and already bloated credit card balance.

For lunch we got take out from McDonald's, which is one of the few places where everyone, (Dodong, Kuya, Sweetie, Grump, and Lola), can find something they want to eat.  We wound up there because the Vietnamese restaurant, our first choice, (and another one of the few places all of us like), was closed.  Bummer!

After lunch we changed into our play clothes, relaxed a bit, gathered up some bagged leaves a neighbor had thoughtfully put at the curb for us, relaxed a bit more, then Grump and Sweetie went shopping.  Woo hoo!!

Shopping Again!!

Sweetie and a More Relaxed Grump, Who Has (Temporarily), Accepted His Role as ATM

Sweetie's Sexy Legs, which help Calm Grump Down!

After our shopping excursion was over we relaxed some more, then had a wonderful dinner of leftovers from Thanksgiving.

Grump really enjoyed today, because he did basically ....... NOTHING!!

Goodnight all.

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