Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 329

25/November/2015, Day 329.  Wednesday.

Grump was up most of last night coughing, (STUPID allergies!), so he was not in a great mood today.  Everybody else, however, had a wonderful day.

Kuya only had half a day of school, so both he and Dodong were home in the afternoon to "help" Sweetie and Lola prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  After picking him up at school, Sweetie took the two boys to get haircuts.

Kuya Prepared to be Shorn

Dodong's Haircut

Kuya's Haircut

Once Grump got home from work we went shopping, first to Fresh Market, where a tired Grump bought several ludicrously expensive items with money we don't have, (thank you, American Express!), then on to Publix, where we went over budget, once again relying on a credit card to cover the cost, (thank you again, American Express).

And we wonder why we have such high credit card bills!

But life is good, the credit card bills will get paid eventually, and tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  We should all be thankful, if for nothing more than our existence, and most of us are so blessed with an abundance of wealth, health, and happiness that to complain about anything is childish.  (But that never stops me!)

Goodnight all.

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