Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 319

15/November/2015, Day 319.  Sunday.

What with Grump's operation, and Sweetie's car breaking down, it's been a rough week.  So ..... (to continue a theme from Friday), we pushed back against our impending economic collapse, and ..... WENT SHOPPING!!

Kuya, Lola, Dodong, and Sweetie in the back of Grump's car

We all jammed into Grump's car, (Sweetie's is still in the shop), then drove off for some very needed "retail therapy".

After a bit of discount shopping we went for an expensive but yummy brunch at Dovetail downtown. Coming back from brunch was a bit of an adventure, as Grump, (who was navigating), sent us over some streets we've never seen before, and Sweetie, (who was driving), failed to notice a HUGE dip in the road, which sent all of us bouncing about in our seats.  Cheap thrill for the day, I suppose.

Finally, we ended our carefree ways at Ashley furniture store, where we bought a coach, love seat, ottoman, and two end tables.

Spending is so much fun!  Well, at least until the bills arrive.

Dodong and Kuya at the furniture store
Goodnight all!

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