Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 328

24/November/2015, Day 328.  Tuesday.

Dodong seemed fine today.  We're concerned about his food allergies, (allergic to fish?), but hopefully he will grow out of them.

Sweetie with a Happy Dodong

Grump had yet another doctor's appointment today, for which he had to miss work yet again.  This one, however, went much better than the appointment yesterday, and instead of waiting an hour and a half (!!), he only waited twenty minutes.  Sweetie came with him, and kept him company.

The Ever-Beautiful Sweetie, Waiting with Grump in the Doctor's Office

Sweetie and Grump

They're Gonna Poke Me Where??

Since Grump's appointment went smoothly, he was able to get back to work in a decent amount of time, and Sweetie was able to meet Kuya at his school for a Thanksgiving lunch.

Speaking of Kuya, he has been furiously busy recently preparing notes and sketches for an animation he wants to make called "Bot vs. Bin", or something like that.

A Sketch for Kuya's Animation Movie

Another Sketch for Kuya's Animation Movie

He has also become interested in photography, snapping abstract pics from time to time:

"A Study in Brown", by Kuya

We just have to be sure he doesn't get too carried away with "candid photography"!

Goodnight all.

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